Finance District

Finance District is modern, truly revolutionary, and platform-built for one purpose – to deliver finance to our clients. At the intersection of people, machines, big data and analytics, Finance District is available all day, every day.

Whether you need a loan for your new home, to buy a car, or to pay those unexpected bills, Finance District will source the perfect loan at the best rates. Finance District will match your financial needs to the most competitive loans from thousands of choices.

Phone District Finance 0800 110 733

Avondale Dental

Providing patient care and excellent dental solutions Avondale Dental creates great smiles and healthy mouths. Dentists Tim, Victor, Priya and Amy use the latest technology and advanced procedures, and provide and extensive range of dental services..

Cain Tattoo

Named after the biblical story about the Mark of Cain, considered by many to be the first tattoo, Cain Tattoo works in various styles, with a focus on black & grey and colour work, from Polynesian tribal to black & grey realism.

West Auckland Trust

The Trusts exists to sell alcohol responsibly and to improve the local community. Profits are not paid to private owners and shareholders, but all surplus profit is put back into the community or reinvested in the business.

Westforce Credit Union

Westforce Credit Union is committed to supporting the local Avondale community and helping it grow and prosper. Owned by the members, Westforce Credit Union is a not for profit cooperative society, and is the only finance institution providing banking services in the Avondale area.

Murray Sharma & Associates

Business advisors and proactive accountants, Murray Sharma & Associates are experts in financial matters, taxation, accounting, and estate planning, and serve the West Auckland and Auckland city and beyond business community.

Battersby Funeral Services

Locally owned Battersby Funeral Services has been supporting families in need for over 85 years. We understand how difficult bereavement and grief can be, so we take care of every family according to their needs. Do discuss with your loved ones, your wishes, giving them confidence for the future. Please feel free to contact us (09) 828 5113