Updated Announcement

14th February 2019

In response to your concerns, the ABA need to point out that the Avondale Business Association is only funded by the rates that business owners pay on their properties, the ABA is not funded by the communities/resident’s rates at all.

Only Avondale businesses are eligible to be members of the ABA and as such the ABA is managed by a committee that is made up of elected business owners that have a shared interest in improving businesses in Avondale.

These 10 committee members volunteer their time on behalf of the businesses that elected them to help distribute the funds collected through the rates paid by business owners.

The personal attacks on the ABA committee members as people, and their businesses, has incited threats on their safety and livelihoods. This is appalling, hateful and needs to stop.

The ABA is willing to work with the Council BID to resolve the issues ahead of us, but correspondence from the Council’s BID to the ABA regarding the differences has stopped, so how do we resolve these differences.

Please stop the attacks on the individuals on the Executive Committee trying their best to serve the businesses in Avondale.

They are all good people with their hearts in the right place.

Special Announcement

14th February 2019

As some of you may have been made aware, there are allegations that have been made on Facebook relating to the conduct and values of our ABA executive committee members.
We strongly dispute these allegations made against our committee members, and are working to resolve the matter.

We must remind everyone that the ABA is not a community funded association. The ABA is funded through the rates of the business owners in the Avondale Business district

Welcome to the
Avondale Business Association

Avondale Business Association is an organisation that represents and promotes businesses in Avondale, Auckland.

We are a group of people who are committed to a successful and vibrant Avondale.

The main objective of the association is to foster Avondale businesses, to enable the local community to grow economically and socially.

Avondale – Unlimited Potential

An up-and-coming area, Avondale is set to take advantage of its potential for growth and development. With new businesses opening regularly, exciting new cafes and restaurants, and a great sense of community Avondale is becoming an increasingly attractive place to live.

As a major transport hub Avondale is well poised for development, and is drawing increasing attention from local and overseas investors.

Avondale Business Association’s Vision

A thriving and local town centre. A town that is economically and
socially responsive – a good place to shop, use services, socialise and integrate with people.

Avondale History

Avondale has a rich and interesting history. Read about your area and view photos from our heritage photo gallery

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