Welcome to the
Avondale Business Association

Avondale Business Association is an organisation that represents and promotes businesses in Avondale, Auckland.

We are a group of people who are committed to a successful and vibrant Avondale.

The main objective of the association is to foster Avondale businesses, to enable the local community to grow economically and socially.

Avondale – Unlimited Potential

An up-and-coming area, Avondale is set to take advantage of its potential for growth and development. With new businesses opening regularly, exciting new cafes and restaurants, and a great sense of community Avondale is becoming an increasingly attractive place to live.

As a major transport hub Avondale is well poised for development, and is drawing increasing attention from local and overseas investors.

Avondale Business Association’s Vision

A thriving and local town centre. A town that is economically and
socially responsive – a good place to shop, use services, socialise and integrate with people.

Avondale History

Avondale has a rich and interesting history. Read about your area and view photos from our heritage photo gallery

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Avondale Business Community

With a wide selection of shops and businesses, everything you need is in Avondale. Browse the Business Community to find what you are
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Our Community

Local support agencies care for the social, educational and spiritual needs of the local community. Browse the Our Community page to find the agency you are looking for.